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this is Soulja Boy’s new video, for his song “Turn My Swag On”.  I am posting it up here without even watching it, because I know it’s going to be god-awful.  Here are my reasons:

1. Soulja Boy < Moist Bread

2. Working with Pop and Hip Hop Rappers/Writers/Producers every day, the amount of times I hear the word “Swag” in any given week is rivaled only by the amount of times I hear the word “Nigga.”  So many times that both have lost all meaning.

3. I hate you



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A-Trak – Rehearsal Space

A-Trak is pretty much killin it in every way.  He is an incredible DJ, a dope up-and-coming Producer,  a fashion Icon, and a Label Owner.  Peep this…

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Johnny Knoxville kicks the sober Steve O

aside from the gratuitous male nudity, this video is pretty hilarious. story and video after the jump.


Sorry there havent been many posts lately.  TD is still studying for the California Bar Exam, and I’ve been super busy with work and haven’t really found much of interest to post.  

In other news, I filled up a tank of gas  yesterday  and it was $72.  THAT IS FUCKING RETARDED.  I have seen a few places around town where (premium) gas is selling for over $5.  So, immediately after filling up that tank, I went out to REI and bought myself a bike so I can ride to and from work. Check it out.  I got to try it out for the first time last night hammered at like 3 in the morning after a birthday party at the studio.  I then came home and ate cold chili out of the can.  true story.


Take that decency.

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