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You too, can be like Don Draper

SNL strikes again

Don Draper is pretty much the greatest character on television.


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I’m not a genius but Saturday Night Live might be wrong…

What’s wrong with this picture? and no, it’s not allowing a pregnant woman on tv…
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Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

SNL is actually becoming funny again.

*it wont let me embed, so just watch it here.

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I’m feeling bad idea vibes

I don’t really watch any of the late night talk shows. Letterman is old and not really funny at all, Leno has his moments but I can’t watch his chin in high def without hiding under my bed (have you seen that monster?), and for some reason network execs keep Craig Ferguson and Carson Daly employed on their own monstrosities. The one bright spot is usually Conan O’Brien’s show. So it is good to hear that Conan will be moving out of the late late show time slot and into Leno’s Tonight show seat. Good for him, he has earned it.

Now what I don’t totally get is that Conan’s replacement will be Saturday Night Live vet Jimmy Fallon, which seems pretty weird to me. I know that Jimmy Fallon was absolutely hilarious in Fever Pitch and Taxi should have won a few awards, but I just don’t see him being, what’s the word…good at this. The closest he has come to hosting anything is when he was the Weekend Update anchor on SNL, and that hasn’t been entertaining since Norm Macdonald was the guy. Apparently the decision came directly from NBC head pimp Lorne Michaels who I’m pretty sure if you tell him he is wrong he enslaves your first born, but I can’t really back that up. I think this is a pretty shitty idea, they probably could have gotten a better host, like a monkey in a bow tie, I would totally watch that. But I will wish Jimmy luck because he got drunk with my friends in Santa Barbara one night and came back from the bar to drink out of ShepShepard’s kegerator, so that has to count for something.

I have an opinion….I probably won’t be very good at my new job.

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