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Craigslist is Ridiculous.

So I was wasting time today and here’s some stuff i found ala craigslist.

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She’s Back…

…and more graphic this time.


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black like him…wait, what?

In his new movie “Tropic Thunder” Robert Downey Jr. is going to be…wait for it…BLACK! (Or African-American if you are an overly sensitive jackass who prefers the politically correct statement). Actually, to be more specific, Downey Jr. will be playing an actor who is playing a black actor. So really, in this film, Robert Downey Jr. is a white actor, who is playing a white actor, who is playing a black actor…how is that for some meta-acting, shit makes your head spin. (is there anything actors can’t do? they are perfect in every way, as long as we forget about drug and alcohol arrests and overall douchebaggery)

Anyway, this seems utterly ridiculous to me. For the life of me I cannot picture Downey Jr. as an African-American. I don’t care what the Hollywood makeup people can do to Eddie Murphy
(no one sees those crappy movies anyway) I refuse to buy into this.

The film is co-written, directed and produced by Ben Stiller, who acknowledged this could be a challenge, but was optimistic about the reception the film will receive. “I had no idea how people would respond to it, but at a recent screening, black viewers liked the film.” Mr. Stiller then added, “I mean all five of the black people we paid to see it enjoyed themselves, and I’m pretty positive they were the spokespeople for the race, one of them even had on FUBU!

At least Robert Downey Jr. seems to know the chance he is taking. “If you don’t do it right, we’re going to hell” he said. Well this guy did it right, we will just have to wait and see about Robbie’s foray into blackness. Something tells me that this movie will go about as well as his first stint in rehab, I mean come on, who can kick cocaine and valium the first time, that shit is fun.

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