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so pudgy, so violent.

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Iraqi Gangster Kid

yeah buddy

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Good News

The Scripps National Spelling Bee is going on today (and probably some other days too but let’s be honest am I really going to investigate the spelling be?).  This morning round 5 began as I was drinking my coffee, I watched for a minute, I heard some nice little Korean girl spell chrysoprase, (she got it wrong, dumbass) then I realized that I wasn’t insanely stoned and I turned it off.  But if you have copious amounts of intoxicants and you want to hear a bunch of 10 year olds spell words you have never heard of, and never will hear, then I totally encourage you to check it out.  Plus you might see something awesomely hilarious like this…

UPDATE: an Indian girl spelled amylolysis correctly, I was kind of impressed, then I realized she will most likely never get laid.

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