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I just found…

…my new favorite website. Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a



it works on so many levels.


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the world’s most fearsome animal

the double-stacked Lion-Horse.


I had always thought it would be a shark riding on top of an elephant; sadly I cannot find a picture of one.

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show me 10 people who thought he was still running

Good news Republicans, John McCain is officially your presidential candidate for 2008. I know most people thought that McCain clinched the nomination on Tuesday, but au contrair, there was still another horse in the race. Actually not really a horse, more like a pony. Actually not even a pony, more like a small rocking horse that you feel bad for so ride it a few times so that it doesn’t get thrown away.

Well ladies and gentleman, your rocking horse, Ron Paul. Ron Paul has decided to end his bid for the White House. Most of you are asking, “who?” Or, “Wait, there was still someone else running?” But yes, Ron Paul was still technically in the race. Even though he was NEVER a mathematically viable candidate (unless you count before a single vote was cast) and still trails Mitt Romney in the delegate count at a distant fourth. (Yes the same Mitt Romney that dropped out on February 5th because he had no chance to win.) But alas, the dream is dead for President Paul. There is one thing to take away from all of this, at least he fared better than Rudy Giuliani.


Note to Readers: Did you know that if you search “Rudy Giuliani Drag” in Google images you get over 17,000 hits. No joke. America’s mayor loves some stiletto heels and a nice scoop neck evening gown. 9/11, 9/11.

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