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Canadian Boy Bands. No, Thank You.


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Jesus Christ this is awful

This video was emailed to me a few times last week but I just now got around to watching it.  I will never doubt any of you again:

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Shocking? No. Completely Expected? Yes.

File this story with those like; “Water reported to be wet,” “grass comes in many shades of green,” and “Turtledog: Devastatingly Handsome.”  Clay Aiken of American Idol fame has shocked the masses and come out of the closet. Yes, the same Clay Aiken who looks like the illicit love child of David Spade, Gollum and a Cabbage Patch Kid, is gay.  I know this must be shocking but I kind of suspected this.  I must have some pretty keen detection skills to figure out Clay Aiken is gay.  Or I’m not blind, deaf, and completely retarded.

I love when blatantly gay people come out of the closet and act like it is this huge story they are breaking to the world.  I respect that they want to openly acknowledge who they really are but forgive me for taking the news nonchalantly.  I appreciate it way more when guys like Doogie Howser or the singer from Judas Priest end up being gay, that catches you more off guard.  For every Lance Bass or Clay Aiken that “comes out of the closet,” I think it should be required that someone like the Rock or Bret Michaels admits they are gay.  That would be way more entertaining.  Can I hire someone to make this happen?

“I don’t like these at all!”

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