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Smug Life

this is pretty good

Gangster-Rap Freestyle Battle, Translated

if you are so inclined, watch the original after the jump

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Tom Green’s got skills on the Mic

this was pretty impressive:  Tom Green vs. Xzibit

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Late night Freestyle Session

This is the kind of random awesome shit I encounter on a daily basis at work.  This is from last night: the Game, Charles Hamilton, and Kanye West having a freestyle session in the studio’s kitchen.


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Weezy Baby – lyric of the week

Lil’ Wayne is hot to death, every track he is on sells better and his solo songs just kill it.  So in order to spread the gospel of Weezy with those who aren’t up on him yet, I have decided to take it upon myself and post some of his dope lyrics here.  This week’s selection is from the “Walk it Out Freestyle” off of Da Drought 3 Mixtape.

The microphone wet cause my words like seduction/and when we on the jet you don’t come up in discussion/and if you say you ballin’, we probably don’t trust ya/and I know plenty freaky hoes that probably won’t fuck ya/even if you payin, boy, they probably won’t fuck ya/only if I say that she can touch you like busta/but she might touch ya and burn ya like usher/me and my click we in red like blusha/I shit these rappers out and sometimes I forget to flush ya/grand daddy purp or bubble kush crush ya/explode in a bitch mouth like a gusher/cash money, young money check the production/I am just a martian get prepared for abduction

If you haven’t yet, check out Lil’ Wayne.  All he does is drink cough syrup, smoke blunts and spit fire.   lilwayne1.jpg

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