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Now, as someone who works in TV, I have to say I’ve seen a few actors loose there shit before.  It’s never pretty but sometimes it happens, they have a job that required focus and a crew of 60+ people can get in the way.  Film production works like this: rehearse, block, light, tweak, shoot.  Again and again until the scenes are done for the day, week, month.  During a rehearsal, the only people who really NEED to be on set are the actors and director.  Then during blocking all department heads come see what needs to be done to have the scene ready.  So while an outburst isn’t cool, this may have been justified, we just don’t know the details of the situation.  Either way, it’s always hilarious.  Especially, when remixed:

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During the songwriting process, it is common to record a ‘scratch’ vocal track in which you are just getting out the melody for the lyrics you are working on.  That is really the only explanation I can come up for this video’s existence.  

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