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You too, can be like Don Draper

SNL strikes again

Don Draper is pretty much the greatest character on television.


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home from work and watching the South Park movie…

…and reminded of this, which I first came across a few years ago.  This is a memo sent from Matt Stone to the censors at Viacom, about the final cut of the movie:

the whole page

Zoom of the text

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Space Olympics

The first time I watched this, both Shepard and I thought it was hilarious. Though now that Ive had my coffee and watched it a second time, not so sure.  Either way, here is yet another SNL clip.

Andy Samberg + Auto Tune = Space Olympics

[all the youtube vids are jacked so I’m just linking to NBC]

watch stuff here

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the bird is NOT the word

I don’t know if anyone caught the newest episode of Family Guy on Sunday, but I watched it tonight and I found one scene to be pretty funny.  Stewie and Brian (the baby and the dog for the 7 of you who have never seen that show) destroy Peter’s copy of “Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen in the exact same manner as the people destroy the printer in the film Office Space.  Maybe I was just high, but I laughed out loud.

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Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

SNL is actually becoming funny again.

*it wont let me embed, so just watch it here.

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and he’s not happy. On another note, I really dislike Paul Shaffer, what’s the deal with his laugh? Oh, wait, thats the really gay dude from Sex in the City.

check out the vid:

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Fun w/ Heidi & Spencer

Somebody from Gallery of the Absurd made an updated version of the old Fun with Dick and Jane books, starring these two no-talent ass clowns.  Pretty Epic:

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The dudes are retards and the girls are whores….sounds like the real world, MTV that is. REALITY TV HERE WE COME.

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For today’s hangover…a temporary cure – MR. SHOW

Nothing is worse than the monday following a fantastic 4 day vacation of eating, drinking, and….well drinking. So for today, day 2 of a hopefully only 2 day hangover, I give you an old Mr. Show clip to bring out a few minutes of pleasure in this sad, dark times.

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Kick the Burger

This Shit is so next level that it may be from the future.

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