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Gotta love Cambodia.  I was just there, it is a pretty fun place, and from the sounds of things they have very creative divorce laws.

This couple who had been married for 18 years decided to get divorced and gave new meaning to splitting things “50/50.”  The husband, in a demonstration of ultimate maturity, decided to quite literally take half of everything and sawed the house in two equal pieces.  This is one helluva spiteful dude.  I can only dream of disliking someone this much so as to go through all of this trouble just to make their life more difficult.  Can you say Nobel prize?


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Craigslist is Ridiculous.

So I was wasting time today and here’s some stuff i found ala craigslist.

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Space Olympics

The first time I watched this, both Shepard and I thought it was hilarious. Though now that Ive had my coffee and watched it a second time, not so sure.  Either way, here is yet another SNL clip.

Andy Samberg + Auto Tune = Space Olympics

[all the youtube vids are jacked so I’m just linking to NBC]

watch stuff here

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Wasted Pushups

Over at Street Carnage, one of their guys does a weekly video blog where he takes some sort of drug and then proceeds to do as many pushups as he possibly can.  So far we have seen this mustachioed NY hipster exercise under the influence of alcohol, weed, coke, salvia, crack, heroin (sniffed, not injected), and cough syrup.  

While this is a hilarious idea, most of the episodes have been pretty uneventful.  In my opinion this is the best one yet:

Beer + Coke + Poppers



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I think this Cat is on Acid



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HEAD TRAUMA and 10 things to do with it

find out how

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booty call software for the next generation

Everyone has heard of the term “Beer Goggles.”  In fact, I would guess that the majority of the people who read this have fallen victim to those specs of one night seduction at one time or another.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was some thing that made us reexamine what we were about to do right before we did it?  Something that makes you take a step back and check just how drunk you really are?  Well in this age of BlackBerrys and texting and email on cell phones, the problem has evolved into a more dangerous beast.

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Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals

SNL is actually becoming funny again.

*it wont let me embed, so just watch it here.

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this guy loves Balls

Serbian author Ljubomir R. Erovic has written a cookbook about delicious ways to cook testicles.


I would write more but I’ve been drinking all day and I don’t feel like vomiting all over myself.  Happy Sunday, I hope you all watched Dexter and Mad Men, because they are awesome.

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good story

B-Rock Obama – nice guy

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