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Now, as someone who works in TV, I have to say I’ve seen a few actors loose there shit before.  It’s never pretty but sometimes it happens, they have a job that required focus and a crew of 60+ people can get in the way.  Film production works like this: rehearse, block, light, tweak, shoot.  Again and again until the scenes are done for the day, week, month.  During a rehearsal, the only people who really NEED to be on set are the actors and director.  Then during blocking all department heads come see what needs to be done to have the scene ready.  So while an outburst isn’t cool, this may have been justified, we just don’t know the details of the situation.  Either way, it’s always hilarious.  Especially, when remixed:

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home from work and watching the South Park movie…

…and reminded of this, which I first came across a few years ago.  This is a memo sent from Matt Stone to the censors at Viacom, about the final cut of the movie:

the whole page

Zoom of the text

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“I liked Face Off. Then again, I didn’t go to college.”

these dudes turned those really obnoxious Vote or Die commercials into an Anti-Nic-Cage PSA.

Pretty Good Actually

…almost as good as South Park making fun of last election’s god-awful Puff-Daddy voting campaign…

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the bird is NOT the word

I don’t know if anyone caught the newest episode of Family Guy on Sunday, but I watched it tonight and I found one scene to be pretty funny.  Stewie and Brian (the baby and the dog for the 7 of you who have never seen that show) destroy Peter’s copy of “Surfin’ Bird” by The Trashmen in the exact same manner as the people destroy the printer in the film Office Space.  Maybe I was just high, but I laughed out loud.

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SFW (safe for work) XXX (naked time)

I posted some pics like this a long time ago.  This video is pretty awesome.

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SOMEONE NEEDS A NEW SONG – movie trailers

SO this same piece by the kronos quartet, originally from the movie requiem for a dream, has been used in way too many trailers. Did no one think we’d notice? Heres the original (and if you’ve never seen this movie, you need to):

Here’s some of the many others:

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whoever green lit this deserves to die

It astonishes me some of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood studios…this is utterly indefensible.

Time to go kick the California Bar’s ass, I will be back to posting stuff soon enough.

Sincerely, Soon to be Turtledog Esquire

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I just found…

…my new favorite website. Sarah Jessica Parker Looks Like a



it works on so many levels.

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Now Go Do That Voodoo that You do So Well

Harvey Korman, aka Hedley Lamar from the Greatest Movie of all Time, Blazing Saddles, died yesterday.  To pay my respect I’m posting some clips of him from the aforementioned flick, which to this day still makes me lose my shit whenever I watch it.


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The Demon Beard of Fleet Street

From Gray Kid, Daniel Stessen, and the rest of the People-Food Collective. – Watch more free videos

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