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this is Soulja Boy’s new video, for his song “Turn My Swag On”.  I am posting it up here without even watching it, because I know it’s going to be god-awful.  Here are my reasons:

1. Soulja Boy < Moist Bread

2. Working with Pop and Hip Hop Rappers/Writers/Producers every day, the amount of times I hear the word “Swag” in any given week is rivaled only by the amount of times I hear the word “Nigga.”  So many times that both have lost all meaning.

3. I hate you



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  1. Tell that to Michael Richards. And Randy Marsh. They’ll be glad to know that word has lost it’s meaning to you.

    Comment by jason | October 28, 2008 | Reply

  2. Seconded. Soulja Boy is rap’s case of burning gonorrhea. Death to Soulja boy and any other rapper that has a dance to go with their lame ass pop song.

    Thank God for an ipod and rap from the 90s.

    Comment by Tank | October 28, 2008 | Reply

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