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We almost observed the second coming of Christ…and he would have had flippers.

A shark who lived at a Virginia aquarium named “Tidbit” recently died (awwww).  Her autopsy discovered that she was pregnant with a shark pup ready to be born.  But here is the kicker, ready?  Tidbit was a virgin! Yes, the immaculate conception occurred one more time.  And what is even more crazy, apparently there is at least one other documented case of this.  Scientists are wondering if this will solve the problem of shark numbers dwindling in the wild.  I am more concerned with that pesky apocalypse I have heard so much about.

Jesus Shark.  Here to forgive you of all your sins…or eat you.  Not to be confused with the very dangerous (and adorable) Cat-Shark.


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the bitch gets half!

Gotta love Cambodia.  I was just there, it is a pretty fun place, and from the sounds of things they have very creative divorce laws.

This couple who had been married for 18 years decided to get divorced and gave new meaning to splitting things “50/50.”  The husband, in a demonstration of ultimate maturity, decided to quite literally take half of everything and sawed the house in two equal pieces.  This is one helluva spiteful dude.  I can only dream of disliking someone this much so as to go through all of this trouble just to make their life more difficult.  Can you say Nobel prize?

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Craigslist is Ridiculous.

So I was wasting time today and here’s some stuff i found ala craigslist.

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