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“Jesus thinks I’m Cool”, the Uppity Bastard knows better.

from the Amazon page:

Product Description

Focus on biblical truths that free people to express their true personalities.

Be strong to stand up to the constant lies from Satan regarding inferiority, lack of self-acceptance and peer pressure.

Become the unique and beautifully designed person God has created to reflect Jesus Christ to the world.

Thirteen weeks of challenging and inspiring readings encourage young people to apply the power of their faith and value in Christ to the issues facing them at school, at work, with friends and family.


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You too, can be like Don Draper

SNL strikes again

Don Draper is pretty much the greatest character on television.

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this is Soulja Boy’s new video, for his song “Turn My Swag On”.  I am posting it up here without even watching it, because I know it’s going to be god-awful.  Here are my reasons:

1. Soulja Boy < Moist Bread

2. Working with Pop and Hip Hop Rappers/Writers/Producers every day, the amount of times I hear the word “Swag” in any given week is rivaled only by the amount of times I hear the word “Nigga.”  So many times that both have lost all meaning.

3. I hate you


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I will lose all faith in America…

If this happens. 

Come on, as if politics and our elected “representatives” don’t make this country look like a bunch of assclowns enough as is.

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La Diabla Hamburguesa Venezolanisima !!!

i want one

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home from work and watching the South Park movie…

…and reminded of this, which I first came across a few years ago.  This is a memo sent from Matt Stone to the censors at Viacom, about the final cut of the movie:

the whole page

Zoom of the text

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Emo Shark

hates Mondays

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Turtledog’s Pigskin Preview

I have absolutely nothing to do at work today so that means I get to grace you with my staggering level of intelligence regarding the slate of NFL games this weekend.  So lets get started.

San Diego Chargers at Buffalo Bills: I must preface this by saying I’m a big Chargers fan so this pick will reek of blatant homerism.  First, who the hell makes the schedule in the NFL?  This is the second game out of the last three that the Chargers are playing a team who is coming off of their bye week.  Plus they have to fly 9 million miles away to practically Canadia to play this one.  Not to mention next week instead of going home, they get to go to fucking London.  They just love their football in London.  But I digress.  San Diego rules, and by pure guessing, I must assume that Buffalo is a terrible place.  Even though this game is probably going to be close and you never know what team SD will put out their each week, I must go with the BOLTS.  Plus there is no serial killer in a movie named with the name San Diego Charger, unlike some other teams (the Bills)

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I’ma bout to get paid!

Manny Ramirez is, for lack of a better word, awesome.  Scott Boras, for lack of a better word, is evil.  Boras masterminded Manny’s exodus from Boston to Los Angeles, where Manny then decided to be the best hitter in baseball and raked in 17 homers, 53 RBIs and a .396 average in 53 regular season games for the Dodgers.  Not to mention his unbelievable .560 average in the postseason with 4 dingers and 10 RBIs, playing the role as the best (read, ONLY) offensive weapon the Dodgers had.  Is there a method to this madness?  Of course you retard, Manny wants a new contract.  Or, Boras wants Manny to get a new contract so he can take a big fat commision from it. 

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Hooray, we are not eliminated

I take nothing away from the Boston Red Sox because last night’s improbable comeback after being down 7-0 in the seventh was amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching that game, probably one of the better baseball games I have seen in a long time.  HOWEVER, I must take issue with a few things…

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