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The Hardest Super Mario Levels Ever

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Anti-Bush Graffiti from 25 Countries

this is kinda cool.


In other news, everyone wish Turtledog luck, he is taking the California bar exam today-thursday and will most likely be spending friday-monday doing things that could get him disbarred.

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For today’s hangover…a temporary cure – MR. SHOW

Nothing is worse than the monday following a fantastic 4 day vacation of eating, drinking, and….well drinking. So for today, day 2 of a hopefully only 2 day hangover, I give you an old Mr. Show clip to bring out a few minutes of pleasure in this sad, dark times.

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whoever green lit this deserves to die

It astonishes me some of the stuff that comes out of Hollywood studios…this is utterly indefensible.

Time to go kick the California Bar’s ass, I will be back to posting stuff soon enough.

Sincerely, Soon to be Turtledog Esquire

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this is one hell of a deal

breast augmentation spells.

I think this is a great idea.  I recently found something similar online that dealt with testicle size.  Nothing has changed yet but I already threw out all my old underwear and ordered myself a new bike-seat.  Best $300 I ever spent.

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my niece is famous

This is my sister’s dog Jenny, she is the most insanely energetic puppy ever.  She now has her picture on some sort of dog food.  Go buy it I’m sure it’s delicious.

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My Anus is Bleeding

Rejected Cartoons by Don Hertzfeldt

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oh yes

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So thank you everyone for reading and checking in. WE HAVE FINALLY HIT 10,000 HITS. NOW ALL WE NEED TO DO IS GET THAT NUMBER DAILY. Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen this, aka haven’t gone to see Batman yet, here’s the trailer for WATCHMEN. For those of you who aren’t into comic books, WATCHMEN (Alan Moore) is considered by many to be the best graphic novel ever written, its even on time magazines top 100 English novels of our time. The story is more than just super heroes, its a revisionist take on World history and explores many of the questions of what makes us human. But enough about me being a dork, check it out for yourself.

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Larry Holmes Grillmaster

this is super-old but I just found it again and it made me so happy.  Thanks to Cracked and of course Jason for originally bringing this to my attention.

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