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I am planning on going to Southeast Asia in August and Cambodia is one of the countries I will visit.  Reading this story made me way more excited to go.

A father, while “playing” with his 5 year old son decided it would be a hoot to play “inflate my kid.”  I don’t know if any of you are familiar with this game but it is the one where the retarded Cambodian father sticks an air hose designed to fill car tires in his 5 year old’s anus.  Unfortunately the game was cut short when Daddy learned that kids don’t inflate.  Don’t worry, the kid (Sok Sambo is his name) suffered a distended stomach but received medical attention and will be just fine for about 15,000 miles before he may need to be re-inflated and possibly rotated.

My favorite part of the story is that the police have decided not to arrest the man because his only offense was “pure stupidity, against which there is currently no law.”  The article was silent on whether the legislature was trying to change that…and how many pounds of pressure a properly inflated 5 year old Cambodian boy’s stomach should achieve.

(what I’m pretty sure Sok Sambo looked like after he and his father were finished playing.)


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