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3000 Hit Club!

The Uppity Bastard has reached a milestone of sorts and we wanted to thank everyone who has supported us, read our ideas, and helped motivate us to keep posting funny/angry/insightful/random pearls of wisdom. We just reached 3000 hits and by my calculation that makes us eligible for the hall of fame. If you get 3000 hits in baseball you are practically guaranteed to get in (unless you are a gambler…I’m looking at you Pete Rose). We hit this stage of internet pseudo-relevance (at least to our friends) in just a little over 2 months, it took Hank Aaron 16 years to get 3000 hits. So suck on that Hank! I know, hitting major league pitching is way different than internet hits but whatever, you say tomato, I say fuck you.

But in all seriousness, thanks to everyone who checks us out. We will keep doing what we are doing, and hopefully some day get paid for it. Keep on keepin on.

-TurtleDog and the rest of The Uppity Bastard Crew


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