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Weezy Baby – lyric of the week

Uh Oh. We are about three weeks from the release of Tha Carter III and a week or two ago I wondered if there was going to be another single before it dropped in addition to “Lollipop.” Well the good news is that there is a second single, but the bad news is that it really is not very good. The song is called “A Millie” and without really splitting hairs here, it’s just pretty weak. It doesn’t sound like a song at all. It sounds just like a mixtape freestyle. Now I am a HUGE proponent of Wayne’s freestyles because they are usually pretty tight. But this song sounds like Wayne just mails it in. It does not even have the positives that “Lollipop” had, which was a dope beat and a catchy hook. “A Millie” plays the same repetitive beat over and over again, with no production value or creativity. Plus, the song is actually one of Wayne’s weaker offerings, even as a freestyle. With the exception of a couple cool lines, for the most part this song is forgettable and unextraordinary. The best part of the song is the second verse which is provided by Cory Gunz (not on all versions). Not good Weezy…I’m actually starting to get pretty nervous that the album is not going to be very good. I hope this isn’t prophetic about things to come and I am really surprised that this was even chosen to be a single. The lead single off of Tha Carter II was “Fireman” and that song is STILL HOT. Maybe I am being too critical so you can click here to listen to the track. This week I will bring you back to a better time where Lil Wayne made sense. This song is called “Gossip” and it is off of Tha Leak that came out around December. Click here for the song.

Drag my name through the mud, I come out clean/cast away stones, I won’t even blink/A gun is not a math problem, I won’t even think/just leave you dead like the mink, under my sink/don’t believe in me, don’t believe me/I graduated from hungry and made it to greedy/my flow is like pasta, take it and eat it/but I’ma need cheese if I’m bakin a ziti/you niggas want beef, I want a steak and a weed beat/lost in Amsterdam or Jamaica where weed be/hard body nigga, just takin it easy/all about my paper, bout my paper like Eazy/why do rappers, why do rappers lie to fans/why do rappers, lots of rappers, lie like actors/cut the motherfuckin cameras/cut they checks and tell them fuck they props/and when you see them, tell them I am Hip Hop – And I’m not dead I’m alive


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  1. Fuck Lil Wayne, turtledog, and your whole fucking crew. Watch yo back!!

    Comment by respect the cock | April 30, 2008 | Reply

  2. thanks Micah, we love your support

    Comment by turtledog | May 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. Your the greatest babe!!

    Comment by Natasha | September 21, 2011 | Reply

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