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In honor of the NBA playoffs getting started I have decided to pay homage to some of the leagues past, uh, greats. Actually the only thing great about this post is this awesome picture. For those of you who don’t know, Manute Bol has been the tallest (and arguably skinniest and most awkward) player in the league’s history. Muggsy Bogues on the other hand, was the league’s shortest player. (note: I conducted zero research to back up these facts and am just operating under the general understanding that I’m a genius and the Gospel of TurtleDog is infallible).  The third member of the band appears to be a stuffed hippo or some other cuddly looking creature.  I don’t know if he ever played in the NBA, if he did it was probably for the Bullets because they sucked pretty much every year they didn’t have Wes Unseld, the hippo was really easy to take off the dribble.  Enjoy this picture, if it doesn’t make you at least smile you are probably a communist and should have that checked out…Why do you hate America?

The NBA: where incredibly awkward marketing pictures happens!

(Thanks Jason)


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