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Weezy Baby – Lyric of the Week

Turtledog back to educate any of you dumb mahfuckas who still don’t know.  We sit here about a month away from the release of “Tha Carter III,” and I am interested to see if Wayne will release another single before the album drops, or keep it under wraps somewhat to further add to the suspense.  This is probably the most highly anticipated hip hop album to come out in some time so there is definitely a little bit of pressure there for it to succeed.  I would like to hear another single that lets people know the album will be a lot of different things, and not just like “Lollipop.”  Even though that track is all over the place now, I am firm in my belief that he needs to do better on the album to top “Tha Carter II.”  Anyway, on to this weeks selection.

Like I mentioned last week I am a big fan of the Lil Wayne mixtapes.  I let you all know of that website last week,, where there are a bunch of random mixtapes made by random DJs.  You have to remember that they are not all official Wayne mixes, and some are just a bunch of tracks thrown together.  That doesn’t mean they still aren’t good but I guess if you want to be a pretentious hip hop hipster you want to be sure what you are getting is authentic.  I don’t really give a shit as long as the verses are tight and the beat is clean.  This week I chose a verse from one of the Lil Wayne mixtapes that is an authentic Weezy release.  It is called LilWeezyAna Vol 1 and it came out in December of 2006.  The track is called “David Banner” and I really recommend trying to find a copy of the song to really appreciate the way it flows.  Pour yourself a cup of that lean and crank this joint son!

Chrome on the monster, leather intestines/wit a top model, and a contestant/I’m a Rottweiler, yes I’m a rock and roller/it’s Weezy fuckin baby, straight up out the stroller/I’m higher than the solar, system of the twizzle/I’m like Macauly Culkin, was rich when I was pissin/on myself, I’m ballin/you niggaz haterholics/I’m just the recipe, so you can save the garlic/I’m like a set of keys, I’m bout to get it started/I smoke them Beverly/Hills from California/these bitches after me, so I put that paddle on em/she rode my dick and said she shoulda put a saddle on em/I watch out for them snakes, listen for that rattle homie/and I ain’t got a clique, I got a cattle homie/What up five, kickin back just being boo/I’m talking foreign money, like a European dude/yeah I’m heavy man, so you should reconsider/I’ll hit you one time, fuck up yo equilibrium/I got rhythm, yeah I got soul ya/I travel all around the world like a postcard/my flow cold, fuck around and get a cold sore/I got this bitch on lock like a closed door/Weezy’s real, dem other niggaz folklore/I’m connected, I got more hoods than a coat store/I’m successful, I got more shit than you can hope for/and I got through that water like a boat oar/Young Carter the name, baby boy risin like hot water and caine


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