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increased beer tax?! fuck you

San Jose Democrat Assemblyman Jim Beall, or as I like to call him, Admiral Buzzkill, is proposing to raise the current CA beer tax by $1.80 per six pack, or $.30 per can/bottle. THAT IS AN INCREASE OF ABOUT 1,500%.  His reasoning behind the increase is twofold: 1) that the added tax with help to fund health care services, crime prevention, and underage drinking prevention programs, and 2) that perhaps the increase in cost will help dissuade teenagers from buying alcohol.

Nonsense, making alcohol more expensive will only drive teens to other weird cheap drugs: homemade amphetamine, paint/inhalants, and god forbid, Jenkem.

Mr Beall, do you really want to be held responsible for a new generation of our country’s youth getting hooked on fecal hallucinogens?  Does that appeal to you?  Do you hate children?  Do you hate Freedom? I think you should rethink this whole proposal of yours.  Furthermore, I hate you.



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