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reason number 2,375 why NASCAR is the worst thing ever

If you have been with us here at the Uppity Bastard since the beginning, then you know that I think NASCAR is stupid.  It is not, I repeat NOT a sport.  It is an excuse for people to go get hammered and speak with a southern accent.  I understand that there are surely some sort of physical talents necessary to be successful in racing these billboards (being able to turn the steering wheel to the right is not one of them), but I still hate it.  In all reality the team with the most money and the best equipment usually wins.   Buuuut, since I love a good argument I will always entertain someone’s (wrong) opinions on the value of NASCAR.  If you do attempt to represent the good things about NASCAR I offer you this one piece of indisputable evidence on the topic of its utter awfulness.  Your quintessential NASCAR fan….God save us.


April 9, 2008 - Posted by | rants, sports | , ,

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