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turtledog’s can’t miss pick of the day (which will probably miss)

Okay, I’m a big enough individual to admit that I got my ass handed to me during the final four. I should probably title this post “Turtledog’s can’t miss pick of the day,” but the site won’t let me cross through words on the title, stupid wordpress. I was not even close for my picks, I wasn’t even in the ballpark of close. I’m the first to admit when I was wrong (even though it happens so rarely I don’t really know how to handle it.) But in all seriousness, what the hell happened on Saturday?

Memphis straight owned UCLA from the tip, the Bruins never had a chance. They were completely unable to run with Tigers and completely unwilling (or so it seemed) to get K-Love the ball inside during the second half, even though Memphis’ front court was all saddled with fouls. I was very impressed with Memphis, probably because that is the first game of theirs I actually sat down and watched. Oops. They really looked big, fast, strong and incredibly athletic. Not to mention that every one of their players can finish at the hoop as well as Kirstie Alley finishes Jenny Craig sundaes.

The UNC v. Kansas game just looked like UNC was not ready to play. That game really surprised me, way more than the Memphis crushing of UCLA did. UCLA had been played close by lots of good teams throughout the season and kept coming up with ways to win (official help or not). Memphis was just straight up better than them. UNC came out flat, sloppy, and they almost looked surprised that Kansas came to play. I was shocked that a Roy Williams team looked so disheveled for that entire first half, he is one of the best coaches in the game. Kansas on the other hand, came out on fire, they looked like a team with something to prove and they did. They seemed like they couldn’t miss and anytime UNC tried to make a run, they kept their composure and held their ground. Great performance by Kansas, very sub-par performance by the Heels. Congrats to the Jayhawks and Bill Self for getting over one of those humps and reaching the final.

On that note; in a pool I entered with about 20 of my friends, not a single person picked Memphis v. Kansas in the final and I imagine many people’s brackets look similar. No one thought this would be the final, well no one except every secretary who has never watched basketball in their life that is. I think this will be a fast-paced, athletic, high scoring final. I also think that Derrick Rose is using these last couple of games to let everyone know that just because he played in C-USA, there is no reason he should not be the number one pick in the draft this summer…Dude can straight up ball. So I make this pick simply because even though Kansas held off the Heels and won by 18, they let UNC chip away and cut it to 5 points late in the game. Memphis never looked like they had a hot dog’s chance at Kobayashi’s house on fourth of July, to lose that game. So I’m going to give it to the team that no one, and I mean no one (anyone who tells you they thought Memphis would win the whole thing is a damned liar), picked to win this thing three weeks ago when we had 64 teams. The Pick: Memphis

UPDATE: I totally had this one.  Really, you are really going to miss 4 of 5 free throws down the stretch to completely ice this game?  Memphis has been asked about their free throws all season, Calipari was convinced that they were fine, throughout four rounds they looked great from the line, but when it really mattered….wow.  Kudos to Mario Chalmers, baller way to play that game, especially that trey with 2.1 ticks left.  Memphis played how I wanted them to play, especially that second half, they were fast and aggressive…until those free throws.  God, they are FREE!  I feel that is just an unacceptable way to lose the championship, as much as Kansas did to beat Memphis, in all reality Memphis beat themselves.  Oh well, maybe next year…oh wait, no way Memphis makes it back to the championship next year (Kansas either…adios Bill Self).  Turtledog, OUT!


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