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weezy baby – lyric of the week

So by now Wayne’s new single “Lollipop” is gaining lots of popularity and the controversy seems to be dying down, although as I mentioned the lyrics are still pretty wack. But I was in Vegas on Saturday night and as soon as the DJ played the track people were going crazy and the speakers were booming. So if Weezy was going for a club banger, I think he got it. It is a damn catchy song and if you hear it once it is definitely going to be stuck in your head for awhile. Check the video if you want, it is pretty tight.

One more thing before I drop the hotness this week. A lot of Wayne’s absolute most sickest verses have been dropped on mixtapes. And a lot of these mixtapes are put together by just random DJs, some are sick as hell, and some are wack. But if you like hip hop you know that the mixtape is one of the age old staples of getting your voice heard in the streets by the fans. There is this great site that allows you to stream thousands of super tight mixtapes, and if you join the site you can download any of them that you want. Plus there are a bunch that you can check out for free. The site is called and is pretty legit. I just listened to Lil Wayne’s mixtape called “Da Drought is Over 5 (the closing)” and the quality is pretty good for a streaming site.

Today’s selection for Weezy’s lyric of the week is from the song “This is Tha Carter” off Wayne’s first solo album that hit major numbers Tha Carter. As always, get that shit, roll that shit, bump this shit.

Who am I/young wizzle, fo shizzle/flow sicker than a third floor in hospitals/my charm starburst, my watch is skittles/I’m hot, sizzle, what up hot bizzle/holla at a playa, I’m sorta like BD/ya’ll can’t stop the dribble, or block the lay ups/soft top the coupe, mami pop her’s too/don’t chase the feeling baby girl, let it come to you/remove the ceiling on the girl, now she’s comfortable/I’ma world class G, mami fuck wit dude/I got Lazy-Boy bank, dat’s comfort loot/I’ma offensive coordinator, run the shoe/you watch your grill is what you ought to do/before your ribs get barbecued/and my ribs is showing, I say I’m starving dude/this, this, this, this, this is tha Carter dude

Weezy F. Baby and please say the baby.


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  1. Fam datpiff is legit but that Drought 5 is over (closing) is a fake mixtape. A lot of them are. They make a wayne mixtape just about everyday. I can name all the mixtapes wayne has come out with. Gotta be smart, these DJ’s will try n fool u fam.

    Comment by Walt | April 10, 2008 | Reply

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