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hot new sex tape!!!!

Nah, I’m just playing. There is a rumored new sex tape though, but unfortunately for all the horny little internet hounds, it’s not some big ol’ Kardashian ass, or Paris’ ittie bittie titties. It’s way better than that (I guess). IT’S RICK JAMES BITCH!

So apparently, right before he died, Rick James taped some videos of his final musical recordings. The company that is claiming to have this video is AONE Entertainment and now they are following the American dream and posting that shit on ebay. The videos are Rick James’ last times in the studio so they are being marketed in the realm of song, not sex. But the rumor is that at some point in the video you see the Superfreak knockin some boots. May the highest bidder be rewarded with Rick James getting superfreaky, quite literally. Once again, this is purely speculative. But there is an ebay auction set up for the tapes, and the bid is up to $999.99 so far. The video also shows Rick getting high, but that is really about as fascinating as driving by a car accident, it may seem kind of cool, but its nothing to write home about because it’s so damn ordinary. Rick James took drugs like little kids pop Flinstone’s vitamins.

I for one would never pay anything to see a Rick James sex tape, but there are also a lot of weird ass people out there, so I’m sure this will strike someone’s fancy. The more that I think about it, this is probably totally bullshit, but oh well, it’s Friday and I needed some material. (Thanks Tank)

Cocaine really is a helluva drug…a helluva fun one.


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