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a quick rant, FUCK YOU

So as many of you know, or don’t know, I work in television. Some days I love it, some days I hate it; it’s pretty much like any other job I could have but there’s one thing I’m always guaranteed to see, characters. This business is full druggies, weirdos, geeks, rock stars, and various other sub-genre’s of people who would otherwise be considered unemployable. Let’s take today as an example.

SO I’m sitting around set talking with a friend. It was something about a porn star who was pissed she had to do a rape scene and was withdrawing from heroin, blah, blah blah, you know the usual conversation. Anyway, this woman sitting near us has the audacity to ask us to change the conversation because their were children on set. Really? Lets breakdown this situation, shall we. This woman on set was the mother of a child actress, not the star of the show but a kid extra. This means one of two things; A) she’s poor and too lazy to get a real job so she subjects her child to a poor education (the kids were finger painting all day…they’re 12 by the way) and no social life OR 2) she’s a failed actress who’s forcing her child to follow in her shattered, pathetic dreams. Either way, who are you to request a change of subject, lets be honest after the path you’ve started your daughter on, a conversation about hookers and heroin may just prepare her for her bright hollywood future. You’ve set her down a path destined to destroy her. SO be honest, spike a needle, find a vein, and get her ready to go down (on the whole grip crew). Fuck you parents of child actresses, you’re going to hell.

soon to come, a fuck yeah featuring Eliot Spitzer, nothing gives me a chubby like a good sex scandal.


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