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Have you ever had the desire to send someone you dislike a hefty bag of shit?  Shit-senders makes it easy, allowing you to covertly send anyone a steaming box of dung.  Although you can subscribe to ‘shit-of-the-month’, currently their options are either quart or gallon sizes of Cow, Elephant, or GORILLA.  gorilla_donotwant.jpg Here are some testimonials:

We have a neighbor that lives across the street who walks his dog and lets it crap all over everybody else’s yard even those who don’t have a dog like me. I decided to give him a dose of his own medicine and sent him the big bag of elephant crap. About 5 days after I ordered it my wife saw the bright yellow truck stop at their house with a delivery in the early afternoon. When I was home cutting the grass later that day I saw him come home from work, about 5 minutes later I saw him come back out of the house with a disgusted look on his face and a big bag of crap in his hand headed for the garbage cans. Mission accomplished. The best part is it sat in their house all afternoon while his wife was probably wondering what it could be. Great! Great! Great! Jim – Detroit, MI           


Like one of the other comments I saw I was also passed over for a promotion by an unfair boss, he also opened his shit in front of several employees and rumor spread quickly thru the company. He’s not thought of so highly by this boss now. That taught him a well deserved lesson. Thanks Ann from OH


I have received two packages of shit in the last 2 weeks. I know it’s somebody in the office. So who ever is doing it the joke’s over quit sending me shit. Jeff Downing Lake Grove NY 

The best part is the business card placed atop the shit:card-front.jpg card-back.jpg   Things like this just serve to remind me what amazing times we live in, and how lucky we are to be living in this country.  Do you think they have mail-order feces in Russia or China?  Fuck no, you actually have to risk squatting on your neighbor’s porch if you wanna get your point across.  And I’m pretty sure in Africa and the Middle East they cut your feet off for doing stuff like this.  

God Bless America.    



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