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update – yeah this seems reasonable

Last week I mentioned this woman who decided the toilet was more comfortable than any other room in the house. This week the authorities in Kansas continue to demonstrate why Kansas is the only state who doesn’t want to teach evolution. Instead of investigating the real problem, i.e. why the hell some woman would decide to stay in the bathroom for two damn years, they have instead charged the boyfriend (the one who actually called the police to get her out of the bathroom) with a criminal offense.

Kory McFarren has been charged with Mistreatment of a Dependent Adult based on the bizarre circumstances surrounding his girlfriend, Pam Babcock (hehe, cock) staying in the little girl’s room for two years. Honestly, why the hell is this necessary? This lady is clearly not right in the head and in all reality they should just get her some help. Supposedly her boyfriend asked her everyday to come out and every day she would reply “maybe tomorrow.” Plus he brought her food and water and did everything short of physically forcing her out to make sure that she was comfortable. The guy said that the only thing he is guilty of is “not getting her help sooner.” That, and being stupid and living in Kansas and dating some crazy bitch who lives in the shitter. I hate this story, I’m finished talking about it. God, I bet Kansas sucks.


With a place this nice, I’m actually surprised that she didn’t want to leave the bathroom.


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