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So this guy, Ian Usher (a resident of Perth, Australia) has decided to sell his life, meaning his home and car, all his possessions, job, friends, etc.  He is not interested in committing suicide, but after a tough period in his life (which involved his marriage falling apart) he has decided to take his passport and just walk the earth, much like Kane in Kung Fu.263985david-carradine-posters.jpg 

 There will be a 100 day run-up period to the start of the auction, during which time I will keep you updated by adding daily posts to an online weblog, adding regular videos and other information too, including detailed lists and photographs. I will also be responding to comments in the Guest Book, posts on the Bulletin Board, and will try to respond directly to any other queries you may have about what is on offer.     

  This dude is pretty ballsy, though I can understand where he’s coming from.  I guess once your life is on a certain course, due to jobs/relationships/family/whatever, it takes a pretty drastic change to make you realize there are different and equally fulfilling things you could be doing with yourself.  I’m not saying it’s good that he and his wife split (he leaves out exactly what happened, but he hints that she cheated on him), but I applaud the guy for getting off his ass and venturing off into oblivion.  A Life For Sale 


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