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weezy baby – lyric of the week

Lil Wayne from the hot block, you know that boy, here’s some more fire for you all to enjoy.

Weezy’s mentor Brian “Baby” Williams aka the Birdman introduced Wayne to the rap game. In 2006 the two of the them released the album “Like Father Like Son” to decent acclaim selling about 760,000 copies. The song Cali Dro features a really good verse by Weezy, to really appreciate it, I suggest that you get that shit, find some green, roll that shit, smoke that shit and enjoy the genius which is Wayne’s verbage…YA HEARD!

I get my kush from California/I get my dro from Arizona/I can get it cross the border/I gotta rider named Winona/and I calmer than a Soma/Inside of the Phantom, and it’s lookin like a sauna/and I still stay high, and I still got my diploma/and I keep the Maggie, on me like Homer/and I’m too sick, man, I’m spittin out a coma/and I’m still lettin the money Pyle like Gomer/and I smoke that kill, y’all blowin on begonias/and I keep a fill of that grass like a farmer/and I keep that armor, try me and I’ll spin you round/I’ll be with the stars and I ain’t talking tinsel town/that’s right the present town, bitches tear the fences down/like Prince is in town/boy I shits a pound, of that Purple Rain on the Marvin’s day/you wit me know?/too high you can’t set me down



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