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Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday and today; Sunday I got back from the Bay Area and went directly to the beach, today I have been running errands and havent been around my laptop much.

So I was just walking down the street and came across a billboard that surprised the shit out of me.  Tylenol is now making popsicles for kids with sore throats.  This is an excellent goddamn idea.  Popsicles have always been great to soothe sore throats and now they will contain acetaminophen.  Genius.

22595902.jpg           becomes         22985353.jpg

Back in college my roommate Monroe and I would sit around (usually drinking, on the beach) and try to think up inventions that could make us a million dollars.  Though there were a couple decent ideas (I’m not going to share any of those with you now, you greedy bastards), many of them just followed Homer Simpson logic:  “…why can’t you just take an existing product and put a clock in it or something.”

I for one am eager to try these things out.  As soon as they surface at my local grocery store I plan on buying a few boxes and cracking them open during my next unbearable hangover.  The only way they could one-up this is if someone else decided to add booze to the recipe.  Can you imagine a bloody-mary flavored popsicle, with an added pain reliever?  Hair-of-the-Dog and traditional medicine all in one cool, soothing, delicious package.  Fucking brilliant.


(If any of you steal this idea, I absolutely demand royalties.  The Uppity Bastard knows where you live and has seen where you sleep.)


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