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I’ve met Lil’ Wayne. He is my favorite rapper. He is completely out of his mind. He is also insanely talented. The dude gets arrested for drug and and gun charges about as often as I do my laundry. He is somewhat of an unofficial spokesman for this web site. I was not expecting this type of ridiculous spokesman-ship from him. (And, considering the obvious sexual nature of the ad, doesn’t it kinda look like the cop is plowing him in the ass?) Dude, I understand you gotta get paid but come on, at least get approval of the picture.

Never mind the imagery, I in no way believe that Wayne can actually endorse condoms. Can you imagine James Bond hocking Trojans? Absolutely not. Why? Because James-motherfucking-Bond was too busy and important to bother. And I know that you may have a very difficult time comparing Lil Wayne to the glorious Sean Connery-d heyday of Mr Bond, but to about 3 1/2 million black women in this country aged 14-29, Wayne is a goddamn tatted-the-fuck-up-rich-as-hell-gangster-ass George Lazenby.

“Weezy. Lil’ Weezy. Promethazine and Sprite, shaken not stirred, bitch.”



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