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seriously, fuck these guys

I know that Congress has a very busy schedule of doing nothing and talking to baseball players and kinda sorta passing laws…actually who am I kidding they do pretty much nothing all the time.  But this is one instance where they actually are investigating something worth looking into.  (Note: by “investigating” I mean they will talk about it for a day or two and then continue on doing absolutely nothing about it).

The CEOs and ex-CEOs of Countrywide Financial (largest mortgage lender that collectively fucked like a billion people with that sub-prime mortgage fiasco), Merrill Lynch, and Citigroup were brought before the House Committee on Government and Oversight Reform to defend the $460 MILLION dollars that the three of them collectively “earned” since 2002.

Are you shitting me, 460 million dollars between three people?!?! What the fuck is going on here.  This would be understandable if their companies did well and this was a salary demonstrative of their performance, but these guys’ companies have utterly shit the bed recently losing BILLIONS of dollars.  I’m definitely not an economist, I can barely count, but even I know that when your company does badly and stock prices plummet, you should not make more money than you ever have in your career.  Did these guys go to the Isaiah Thomas school of Business: Do your job worse, get paid more.  How do I get one of these gigs?

    Henry Waxman, the congressman who I’m pretty sure is obligated to be on every single committee that does nothing, stated “the obvious question is how can a few execs do so well when their companies are doing so poorly?”  He then added, “squeek squeek, I think I smell some cheese.”  But seriously, how pissed off would you be if you held stock in these companies.  Your share prices have completely tanked, you have lost thousands or millions of dollars and these jackasses just got paid enough to buy a third world country.  The CEOs attempted to defend their salaries but no one gave a shit and just wanted to punch them in the face.


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