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even she seems surprised

Last time I checked, Paris Hilton had no tits. Judging by the look that she’s giving her kids, she didn’t have any last time that she checked either. I guess that is why they call it a wonder bra; you wonder how those things got there. It’s almost like she is concentrating really hard trying to figure out just what she is working with here.

God, I hate Paris Hilton and if she got hit by a bus tomorrow I really think the world would be a better place. I mean there would be one less case of herpes out there which is a start. See I’m an ambassador of good will, I will even volunteer my services to the Center for Disease Control and drive the bus. “Look I’m curing herpes, well one case anyway.” However, I am willing to allow her to continue to exist as long as she agrees to never say anything and her rack remains this size for all time. On second thought, there are thousands of girls out there with great tits, lets stick with the bus plan. Beep beep bitch.


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