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The Birdman’s Back!

Chris Andersen, the New Orleans Hornets forward known as the “Birdman”, (not to be confused with this Birdman from New Orleans


or even this Birdman)


has officially been reinstated in the NBA by commissioner David Stern.

Andersen was suspended from the NBA in January of 2006 for violating the league’s drug policy and is expected to re-sign with the Hornets to play this season. Wow, tough gig, get suspended for drugs and come back to get paid a few million to play basketball. He wasn’t even suspended for those lame ass performance enhancing drugs that baseball is concerned with, but instead the fun drugs that rockstars do. Although Andersen has never publicly admitted to what he tested positive for, the drugs on the banned list include; methamphetamine, cocaine, LSD, opiates (including heroin, codeine and morphine), and PCP. From the look of him, it was probably some combination of ALL OF THEM, but I guess we will just have to speculate.

andersen_tatoos.jpg andersen.jpg


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