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Asante Samuel is a Liar

Just once I wish a professional athlete would say what the entire world knows is really on their mind. Asante Samuel, the pro bowl cornerback from the New England Patriots recently signed a new free agent deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. His new contract is reportedly for 6 years and worth $57 million dollars. Anyone who is not retarded can tell that is a lot of money. Anyone who likes football knows that his former team, the Patriots, simply do not pay that kind of money for anyone. So Samuel did what the majority of athletes would do in that situation, he went for the cash and sacrificed playing for a legitimate contender.

So why is he a liar you ask? Well when the question was posed to Mr. Samuel about why he just left the AFC Champs who were about a minute away from going 19-0 and winning the Super Bowl to play for the lowly 8-8 Eagles in a far tougher division, he responded, “I just want a chance to win and get back to the Super Bowl, that’s why I picked the Philadelphia Eagles.” Translation; “I’m lying through my teeth right now and I chose the Eagles because they offered to pay me way more than I am probably worth and I will take 20 million more dollars to play on a sub-par team for the next six years. I LIKE MONEY!”

Anyone with half of a brain knows that you don’t leave the Patriots if you want a better chance to win the super bowl, especially when your new team is going to pay you twice as much as the Patriots offer you. Spare us, the average fan, with this bull shit. We don’t care that you followed the money, because no one blames you. Just don’t insult people’s intelligence by making up some weak ass reason for why you took the new contract. I wish a reporter in that news conference would have called him out on that lame statement. Just tell us the truth. “Asante, why did you leave the Patriots?” “Straight Cash Homie.” That should have been his response. It would have been more respected that’s for sure.

“I will take one more Bentley cause I love money and don’t care about winning….er, I mean, I think me playing for the Eagles will make us #1, they really are poised to make that step from total mediocrity to Super Bowl contender.”


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