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Here is the Uppity Bastard’s music recommendation of the week: Cut CopyIn Ghost Colours50e3.jpgCut Copy is a band from Melbourne, Australia. Their sound, often labeled as indie dance, draws considerable influence from 80s new wave and post punk genres.

The band began in 2001 as the project of songwriter Dan Whitford, who is also a graphic designer and DJ. In 2003 Whitford recruited additional members, and in 2005 toured internationally for the first time, visiting London, New York, and Los Angeles.  They have toured with international acts Franz Ferdinand, Junior Senor, Bloc Party, and Mylo amongst others; in December of 2007, the band toured Australia with Daft Punk on the Nevereverland tour, the Sydney leg of which attracted a crowd of almost 50,000.  Cut Copy is managed by Supervision, and is signed to the record label Modular Recordings, home of Wolfmother, The Presets, and New Young Pony Club.  In 2004 Cut Copy released their debut LP, Bright Like Neon Love.


This new album was co-produced by Tim Goldsworthy, of the DFA record label and production team out of New York.  The album just came out this week (I had been waiting months for it), and it is pretty spectacular.  Dancey, electronic pop at its finest.    


Also, peep the So Cosmic mixtape they released about two months ago, featuring remixes of new tracks from the album, alongside tracks by artists like Aphex Twin, Panda Bear, Giorgio Moroder, and many more.




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how white trash is this

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rubber face

For your consideration, a bitch-slap in super-slow motion: <

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memento mori

most morbid watch ever.


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turtledog’s can’t miss picks of the day (which will most likely miss)

Okay, so last weekend my “can’t miss picks of the day”, ummm, missed. I actually missed by quite a bit. I think my mascot system only gave me two correct picks, which kind of sucks. So needless to say this week I will not be relying on mascots to aid in my decision making. But I guess that is what I get for hiring the Phillie Phanatic to be my personal gambling counsel.


The tournament is in its most exciting stages now, the sweet sixteen and the elite eight are on the horizon. I will be heading to Las Vegas to utilize my knowledge and win lots of money (or plunge myself deep in to debt) by betting on as many events that involve people hitting, throwing, shooting, or even chasing a ball as humanly possible. My picks for the next two days’ games are somewhat more educated, and consequently less entertaining possibly. But, I am confident I will do better this week. I fucking better, my rent payment depends on it.

University of North Carolina vs. Washington State University: UNC has been the most dominant team in the tourney so far, yet they have also played probably the easiest two games. WSU plays very fundamental offense and great defense (translation: boring as hell to watch). WSU will probably be able to keep this game close and relatively lower scoring which favors them in the 9 point spread as well as the over/under, but in the end UNC will pull away and win by double digits. The pick: UNC


Louisville Cardinals vs. Tennessee Volunteers: This is one of the two best match-ups of this weekend. Both of these teams played great all year and Tennessee’s coach Bruce Pearl is clearly down to party. If I was picking this game on coach most likely to have a coed file a sexual assault lawsuit against, it would be Tennessee all the way. But in all reality I think that Louisville is a more complete team who has played a tougher schedule all year. Plus I picked them in my bracket and I like the color red better than orange. The Pick: Louisville, but this will be very close.


Kansas Jayhawks vs. Villanova Wildcats: I totally did not even think that ‘Nova belonged in this tournament and then they pulled off the most ridiculous comeback to beat Clemson in the first round causing me to order 3 shots of whiskey in my disgust. Kansas always has a high seed yet never seems to pan out. Every person on the planet says how good Kansas is and that is probably true. That still doesn’t mean that I like them at all. However, as much as I would fucking looooove ‘Nova to pull this off, I don’t think they have a chance. The Pick: Kansas (but fingers, toes, and everything else crossed for Villanova in the upset)


Wisconsin Badgers v. Davidson Wildcats: I pretty much dislike Wisconsin as a whole, in all sports in all capacities. Plus the only woman I know who went to Wisconsin is a raging whore. So I am going to go with the sentimental favorite led by the tournament’s best player so far, Stephen Curry. The Pick: Davidson


Xavier Musketeers vs. West Virginia Mountaineers: I have a good friend who is from West Virginia so I like to pick against him in every single sport, as well as berate him for coming from such an inbred, backasswards state. Plus you can call the Xavier team something cool like the “X-Men,” and my cousin went there. And as well as WVU has been playing, Xavier is a more complete team. I actually have zero facts to back this up but I’m a genius so therefore I am going to be right. The Pick: Xavier


UCLA Bruins vs. Western Kentucky Hilltoppers: I don’t like UCLA, I have never liked UCLA, and regardless of how good they are I have never seen one team get so many favorable calls in so many important games so close in time to each other. One favorable call (Stanford) is lucky, two favorable calls (Cal) is a coincidence, the most ridiculous favorable no-call EVER (Texas A&M) is borderline inexcusable. Seriously, do they have their own refs that just travel with the team. I refuse to believe that they can lose this game, but if they are losing you have my guarantee that the refs will bail them out. But I would totally take WKU on the points (+12), if gambling were legal that is. The Pick: UCLA


Stanford Cardinal v. Texas Longhorns: This is the other really good game of the weekend. Stanford got really tested against Marquette and proved that they are an elite team. Texas on the other hand has not played anyone of consequence so far this tournament. With that said, you shut down Brook Lopez for Stanford and you can totally win this game. Plus Texas has been better and played better teams all year. Even though Texas is supremely annoying and have total douchebags like Matthew McConaughey as fans, they are legit. This is the year that they can win despite Rick Barnes’ dumbass being their coach. The Pick: Texas


Memphis Tigers vs. Michigan State Spartans: I will be honest, I could give two shits about this game or either of these teams. But the one time that I saw the movie “300” on IMAX after 8 bong hits, I had a new respect for Spartans. Therefore…The Pick: Michigan State


So with that dear friends, I leave you for the weekend. Vegas awaits, so bet big on Turtledog being hammered. Tootles.

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science project

Ok, quick question:

Why is it that regular (i.e. hot) coffee will nearly immediately give you the urge to use the restroom and yet iced coffee does not?  Seriously, I’ve been changing it up these last few mornings at the studio and the results always come out the same way.

If anyone can do some further research on this topic and get back to me with some answers I will reward you with 1 hardy-hand-clasp and 3 tales of adventure. 

Sincerely, Jittery Bastard 

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weezy baby – lyric of the week

Before I bless everyone with some more hotness from Weezy F. Baby, I wanted to talk quickly about his new single. Tha Carter III comes out in late April or early May and the first single was recently released. It is called “Lollipop” and it is being met with some criticism. Mostly because the song is very different from the tricky flows and clever lyrics that has made Wayne so popular of late. It is definitely a more radio/club friendly song, but that doesn’t necessarily make it bad. When I first heard it, I was not a huge fan, but then I listened to it a few more times and although lyrically the song is somewhat lacking, I don’t think that is the angle Wayne was going for with this particular track. The beat is intoxicating and it really forces your head to start nodding along. The thick deep bass line will be a pleasure for anyone with some strong speakers and you can tell it is a very well produced track, even if it sounds “clubby.” Wayne does a little more singing type flow and his words are less of the focal point of the track, yet the subtlety of the lines actually, I think, bring something to it. I also respect what he is trying to do, he doesn’t want to become stagnant and he needs to keep trying new things, some will succeed and others will not, to become a truly great artist. Overall, I think I like the song but as a true Wayne enthusiast I hope that the whole album comes at you with a lot of different looks. Because if the whole thing is like the single, the album will be a failure, as Wayne will have departed too much from what makes him so good. So check it out and let me know what you think.

With that said…Tha Carter III was supposed to be released already but some of the songs on the album leaked to the public and so Wayne decided to scrap the release, go back to the studio and create a bunch of new songs. He also decided to market the 5 tracks that were released into an album called Tha Leak EP, cause it is all about that cash money son. These five songs are much more like the traditional Weezy with some tweaks, and really sound nothing like the new single I just talked about. The first song is called “I’m Me” and is incredibly dope. Here is the first verse of that song. Spark an L, turn it up and enjoy.

Un-fuckin-believable, Lil Wayne’s the president/fuck em, fuck em, fuck em, even if they celibate/I know the game is crazy/it’s more crazy than it’s ever been/I’m married to that crazy bitch/call me Kevin Federline/It’s obvious that he’ll be cash money till the death of him/the ground shall break when they bury him/bury him, I know one day they gotta bury him/better lock my casket tight, baby, so I don’t let the devil in/nigga, it’s just me and my guitar/yeah bitch, I’m heavy metaling/you can get to fucking Led Zeppelin/niggas is bitches, bitches, I think they full of estrogen/and we hold court, and I take your life for the settlement/Yes, I’m the best, and no I ain’t positive, I’m definite/I know the game like I’m reffin it/this is Tha Carter, Tha Carther Three, the new testament/and I’m the god, and this is what I bless ’em with

Turtledog says: Don’t do drugs kids, they are bad for you.

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a hundred jiggo-pimpo-watts

please enjoy the Sweded* version of Back to the Future:

*”To Swede” means to re-record a movie very minimally, taken from the 2008 Michel Gondry film Be Kind Rewind

“pimps don’t die, we multiply”

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easiest job ever

Haitian Weatherman

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