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Thoughts to help my fellow humans I came up with leaving the bar

So last night I got a ride home from the bar. As we are driving down the street this homeless person comes out of practically nowhere (or so it seemed) and we nearly hit him. Now maybe my driver was drunk, maybe I was drunk, but the fact remained that not a single person in the car saw this stealthy hobo until he was a foot in front of the hood. This prompted me to remember other times where these ninja transients have been able to get the jump on me.

Homeless people are naturally camouflaged in the dark as white clothing does not last very long on them. Therefore their daily activities of sleeping in dirt and not showering makes them much harder to see at nighttime, especially in a poorly lit area. On other occasions they have been able to blend into their surroundings at night giving me quite the scare when I notice their beady little eyes reflecting in the moonlight. I am sure that I am not the first person who has run into a homeless person un-expectantly which means we as a society have a large problem on our hands. What happens when you accidentally hit one with your car, or trip on one as you are going to your door. Not only would that homeless person be injured, or even dead, worse your car would have significant damage or you could scuff your new sneakers.

Luckily for all people, I have come up with a plan. Not to eradicate the homeless, that is far too ambitious. But instead to prevent these nighttime shocks and the cars and shoes of people who have homes. Homeless people need to wear reflective jackets, hats, socks, tape or whatever. This works for two reasons. First, homeless people need more clothing anyway as it is cold when you sleep on the sidewalk. So by issuing government purchased reflective jackets or shirts, the homeless person really is the winner here. Second, they will be entirely unable to sneak up on you. That reflective shit works! So, with my plan, homelessness will still be alive and well, but you will not have to worry about hitting them with your car anymore, and I’m pretty sure that is a start. I will gladly pay one more dollar a year in taxes to ensure the streets are filled with shiny homeless people, which will make them easier to avoid and thus ignore.

So remember

Plus this


Equals this


(just imagine a homeless person and not a dog; I couldn’t find a picture of a homeless person in reflective gear as my plan has yet to be adopted by local legislature).


February 29, 2008 - Posted by | great ideas |

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  1. Love the plan … I can’t even pee on the sidewalk at night without almost drenching one of them

    Comment by kubert | March 4, 2008 | Reply

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